Providing affordable in home personal fitness training programs throughout San Antonio

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Training Philosophy

Smart Nutrition combined with resistance training, stretching and cardiovascular exercise are the components to developing a permanent and realistic lifestyle that will translate into better health. Along with careful and safe instruction, my goal is to motivate, educate and hold you accountable for your own health and fitness goals

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Provides affordable in home personal fitness training programs throughout San Antonio. I will bring all the equipment for a thorough, progressively challenging, and invigorating workout to you, so it is not necessary for you to have your own gym.

Expect to work hard, but get technique right FIRST, before progressing. Assessments will be conducted to ensure that we are training correctly for YOU as an individual. All programs are completely customized for each client.

I integrate the purpose of achieving a healthy mind, along with a healthy body. Additionally, I want to share that I became a mom 2 years ago in January. Two months post-partum, I was back at the gym getting back in shape. I know how hard it is to get fit when having some extra pounds and being away from the gym for extended periods.

Being healthy should be a priority. And when the body is healthy, everything comes into place. I develop individualized plans that suit my clients’ needs and coach them to achieve their goals, whether to decrease body fat, tone, gain strength and/or increase their performance. My program accelerates their metabolism, increases their energy levels, stirs them towards a healthier lifestyle and helps them to look and feel better!

Would you like to run a marathon or half marathon? I can design and set goals to help you finish your first race.

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